Remember Me? Deep Cleaning Solutions

Have you vacuumed recently and it didn’t smell so hot? Thought that you may need new carpet or rugs, but don’t want to spend the money? What about that shower grout not looking as light as it once was? Let’s take a look at some of the more daunting deep cleaning tasks that can make your house look and smell like new again.

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Sofa and Scale

It all started with a big brown couch. A cracking bonded leather, tall, puffy, wide (albeit comfortable) brown couch became a source of frustration as it ate up all the space in the room. Pathways from the patio and the rest of the house were very tight and tables didn’t fit to place morning coffee or evening wine on. Extensive research was done to find the right size furniture to fit the space and it’s purpose.

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Lessons on the Road: Dublin Edition

Prior to arriving in Dublin, I really didn’t know what to expect. I suppose I figured it would be green and that the people would be friendly. Finding the right space to stay is essential to really enjoying the full Irish experience. You need to be close enough to take a pub crawl and comfortable enough to greet another day with too little sleep and sufficient caffeine.

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House Hacks: Hanging Out in Style

Seeking unique solutions for storage and functional living may not always be at the top of our to do list. However, everyone can name at least a few minor inconvenient features in their home. By redesigning the way we go about certain processes we can not only find things more easily but also reduce the amount of minor stresses in a day.

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Lessons on the Road: Charlotte Edition

It was my first time in the south in 5 years, and I wasn’t disappointed! After a day of good food, productive meetings and networking, I was ready for a comfortable stay. Sometimes it’s the small luxuries that ease being away from home. I always try to take notice of these things and implement them in a guest bedroom.

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