Pops of Color

Sometimes we need change. One of the beautiful things about home is that we are surrounded by familiar things that make us comfortable. As time goes on, the comfort factor may lose it’s charm in favor of a fresh palette.

Neutrals are a nice place to build your base. I would recommend stripping away everything that is non-essential to see what will stay in the room. Then find your inspiration, be it from magazines, Houzz, Parade of Homes, or even a friend’s house. 

Inspiration Board


Once you have a general theme in mind, pick out the elements that you can bring into your own home. This includes an accent color or two that should be repeated across the room and possibly even the whole house. The cohesive nature will be pleasing to the eye. A mix of sizes and textures should be considered to create depth.

Finally, the secret of many rooms is the greenery. Real greenery is preferred, when sustainable. Not only does it purify the air, but it also adds a natural element that is difficult to reproduce with any other kind of decoration. Similar to the accent colors, greenery should be placed throughout a room.

For one homeowner, we took a room that was dominated by beige furniture and accessories and infused it with colors inspired by a trip to Miami. For around 300 USD and 3 hours of planning and shopping, the look and feel of the room were transformed.



Tip: Use a tray to unify small objects

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