The Greige Experiment

To be an equal lover of grey and beige can be a domestic challenge. One in particular started with two grey faux fur pillows and a big beige sofa…

Typically you would pick one or the other to pair with an accent color. However, what if you want two neutrals or to make gray the accent? Does it clash or complement? These are the questions I had to ask myself when wanting to put my cozy grey pillows out but realizing that both my sofas were beige.


I decided that if I was going to go for it, the pillows I had would need friends. Cue the trip to Ikea for affordable cushion covers. Then it made me think about the blankets I had in other rooms. Must borrow gray matching blankets from office to create layering and flow around the living room…

Surprisingly the grey added a depth to the room that the previous throw pillows didn’t.  Adding a few wood accents and greenery also helps break up the solid on solids.

Not looking so bad… add some steaming hot coffee, tea light candles and sneaky gnomes and we have ourselves a very greige chic living room!


After my experiment, I was reveling in my Scandinavian history by searching for hygge things to warm up while it’s 1 degree F outside only to realize… hygge homes are full of greige! Google or search Pinterest for hygge and greige and prepare to be pleasantly surprised. It seems that as long as you layer the elements, it works!

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