Remember Me? Deep Cleaning Solutions

Have you vacuumed recently and it didn’t smell so hot? Thought that you may need new carpet or rugs, but don’t want to spend the money? What about that shower grout not looking as light as it once was? Let’s take a look at some of the more daunting deep cleaning tasks that can make your house look and smell like new again.

Vacuum Filter

When was the last time to cleaned or replaced your vacuum filter? The biggest indicator that it’s overdue is that either your vacuum isn’t picking anything up or the room actually smells worse AFTER vacuuming. Instead of buying vacuums that require disposable filters, I’ve always preferred one that can be rinsed in tap water and air dried. You’ll be amazed how much more effective the vacuum is after taking 5 minutes to rinse or change the filter.

Vacuum Filter
Clean Me!

Carpet Cleaner

For homeowners, a carpet cleaner is a good option to either rent from the grocery store or buy if anticipating regular use. They can be found at Costco or on Amazon for between 100-200 USD. The one time cost and solution refills are far cheaper than a new 800 dollar rug or re-carpeting each time a child, pet or overtired coffee drinker makes a mess. If you’re intimidated by the behemoth design, all it requires is filling the tank with warm tap water and a cup of solution. Then it’s as easy as vacuuming! You will want to open windows or turn on a fan in the room for about half a day of drying before moving furniture back and walking on it.

Please note that this approach isn’t ideal for natural fiber rugs such as sisal, as it may cause warping.

Shower Scrub

Over time the shower grout will hold onto soap scum and hard water stains. What was once white will turn an unappealing yellowish-orange. This one is quite simple as it can be remedied with some shower cleaner and an inexpensive firm bristle scrub brush found at any local hardware. The one I use is under 4 USD from Home Depot. I would recommend taking a shower first so that your tile surround is already wet, then spraying the cleaner of your choice and scrub away. It only takes a few strokes to see a difference.

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 9.19.34 AM


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