Lessons on the Road: Miami Beach Edition

Miami is a city with identity. I like that. You’re never going to please everyone, so just as in life, it’s always best to be who you are.

With design and decor, there’s always an opportunity to bring the outside in. As I’m always a fan coastal style, a place like Miami Beach has a great draw. It may be the bright colors, retro accessories or the sand and sea.


Notice how the furniture, linens and wall coverings are all neutral. Then you have pops of color in the dresser, pillows, carpet and accessories. By selecting white and silver as the canvas, the consistent pops of orange create a tasteful way to liven up the space. As long as you echo the same accent color throughout the room, it creates flow.

Tip: Limit the number of accent colors to one or two, like the blue and orange here.

The orange on white was like the sunset and the bed frame like driftwood, both of which fit the beach environment. Then in true Miami fashion you have art deco pieces like the tables and art to give the room personality. Although I don’t always read magazines in the hotel rooms, it does lend a homey vibe to have them…just in case.



When you’re having guests either at a hotel or at home, it’s a bonus to have outdoor spaces and free activities at hand. The biggest thing to remember is maintenance. An unruly yard or heaps of seaweed hanging around doesn’t create an inviting atmosphere.

Tip: When you’re on a beach vacation, remember to bring an extra zip lock bag to collect natural elements to put in jars when you get home!


Last but not least, it’s a major bonus to offer amenities (e.g., beach chairs) and proximity to local eats (e.g., ceviche). Having a guest book or concierge to recommend things to do and places to go can allow you to maximize a guest’s trip.

Tip: If there are any special considerations such as limited availability to something (e.g., only 20 beach chairs for the entire hotel), it’s best to set the expectations early on via good communication.


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