Picture Perfect in Monochromatic

Once you have pictures up, it’s home. If space is limited or don’t want to fight with an existing color scheme, this is the solution for you. Not limited to just pictures or matching frames, picture ledges provide a blank canvas to create your own vignette.

Step 1: Choose your Picture Ledge / Shelf

I went for 3 IKEA white picture ledges, since they rival more expensive options in look and function.

IKEA Picture Ledge.png

Step 2: Browse for Frames

Rather than buying expensive or matching frames, I went for a monochromatic scale so that I could mix and match like colors with different shapes, sizes and textures. The bigger and more basic frames came from Michaels (with a coupon of course), and then I found more eclectic options from HomeGoods. The frames ranged in price from 5-15 USD and incorporated wood, metal and glass to build depth.

Step 3: Select, Edit and Print Pictures

In keeping with the monochromatic color scheme, I changed all the pictures to black and white. Then the most economical option for printing, especially the larger size pictures, was Costco. I was able to upload all of my choices and select the sizes I wanted from the comfort of home, then pick them up about 2 hours later.

Costco Photos.png

Step 4: Arrange

Along with the picture frames, I included a gift of art that I received, along with a metal sign from Haven and Home. The final product blended in nicely with the architectural features in the home.

Step 5: Change Seasonally

Here in MN, we enjoy a full four seasons. That means that the accessories on the shelves can change with the weather or holidays. The hardest part is just getting started, so pick your base and have fun!


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