IKEA Hack: Nice Legs

IKEA furniture is known for being a little lower than average height. For example, the Kivik seating collection is around 17 in (83 cm), whereas the average seating height is 19 in. After some wear on you and the sofa, you may literally just fall in.

If you have taller people in your family or simply want a more polished look, it’s amazing what a new set of legs will do. It’s almost like new pair of shoes that transform an outfit. Amazon had a set for 25 USD, so after purchasing a pack of two, as well as mounting hardware, we gave a sofa a 75 USD makeover. The overall price of the sofa comes in at about 1/3 of the cost of most designer options.


The sofa looked like it sat on the ground despite the 1 inch legs hiding underneath. This collected dust and debris.


The old legs were 1 inch tall and made of plastic. The new legs are 5 inches tall and made of wood.


There wasn’t anything to attach the mounting hardware to in the middle of the sofa. By attaching plywood to the existing frame, we were able to mount and align the legs.


The obvious benefit was an overall more polished look that created a cohesive look among the other furniture in the house. From a functional standpoint, it is easier to get in an out of, let Roomba clean under and view Sunday football and Netflix.


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