Sofa and Scale

It all started with a big brown couch. A cracking bonded leather, tall, puffy, wide (albeit comfortable) brown couch became a source of frustration as it ate up all the space in the room. Pathways from the patio and the rest of the house were very tight and tables didn’t fit to place morning coffee or evening wine on. Extensive research was done to find the right size furniture to fit the space and it’s purpose.

Of all the sofas to choose, the following priorities were on the list:

  • Light in color
  • Camouflage pet hair
  • Able to see over and under
  • Deep enough to sit comfortably
  • Long enough to take a nap
  • Not too long that it blocked the pathway
  • Made well as to not re-buy in two years

Typically the color and size of your largest furniture pieces dictate the mood in a room. For spaces that are more compact, choosing lighter colors and furniture that you can see around make a room feel bigger. Just because you choose something that isn’t quite as deep or tall doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice function.

After about a year of looking and waiting for the annual sale, a sofa was found at Crate and Barrel that satisfied all criteria on the list. Although the natural color is made up of multiple colors, camouflaging the hair, the overall image is that of oatmeal to brighten the smaller space. The thin legs and overall height didn’t take up as much visual space as before and the pathways were clear. Overall, it was more upright than before, allowing space for small side tables around all seating options.

The tables themselves were from HomeGoods for a grand total of $100 USD. The hairpin legs allow you to look right past them, but allow each person in the room to have a place to set down a beverage. Agate coasters were places to avoid rings on the distressed wood.


The final piece of the puzzle was to layer with decorations that tied together the grays, beiges and tans together without making the room too neutral. The look was completed with dried hydrangeas from the garden, an old wine barrel from Sonoma, aged signs from an Irish flea market and Haven and Home (Waconia, MN).

When assessing the space you have, aim for the right scale that will fit both fashion and purpose. Start with the biggest pieces in the room and then work down to a more granular level. Don’t panic if at first the big pieces don’t match exactly; that’s what accessories are for.

Helpful links to small space collections on the market now:

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