Lessons on the Road: Dublin Edition

Prior to arriving in Dublin, I really didn’t know what to expect. I suppose I figured it would be green and that the people would be friendly. Finding the right space to stay is essential to really enjoying the full Irish experience. You need to be close enough to take a pub crawl and comfortable enough to greet another day with too little sleep and sufficient caffeine.

In the morning I enjoyed a cup of coffee at the table, along with a complimentary newspaper. It’s always nice to remember where you are with a paper or picture on the wall while waking up.

I enjoyed the proximity to the water, pubs and even a market to pick up healthy food.

Whether for food or entertainment, it’s ideal to be close to venues so that you’re not tempted to stay in all day.

When setting out clothing for the next day or drying laundered items, there is nothing like having the right amount of hangers. If hangers aren’t provided, then any surface, including wood doors, radiators and table tops become fair game for guests to spread their clothing out on. This is neither sanitary nor convenient!


One of my favorite things is that Ireland has an identity. Not all places in the world are equal, and it’s up to the stewards to showcase what is special to their guests. When in doubt – humor is always welcome.

Until next time Ireland – stay green!

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