Lessons on the Road: Chicago Edition

This summer I visited Chi Town for a week and was interested to see what inspiration I could garner from likely the most well-known midwest city in the US.

My overall impression of midwest hotels is that they are clean and provide the basics plus a little something extra. However easy it is to overlook the small details when setting up a room, you would be surprised what someone left alone to look around will notice. Sometimes it isn’t even the detail itself but a certain feeling they get from being in the space. There were 5 things that caught my eye this time around.

#1 Good Lighting: Overhead and Dimmers

Ambient lighting encourages relaxation and makes you look your best in the mirror when getting ready!

#2: Outlets and Music

I am always a fan of convenient outlets for phones next to the bed. This particular machine went above and beyond by providing USB ports (internationally friendly) as well as the chance to listen to music.


#3: Special Products

Full disclosure: I didn’t really LOVE the scents here but the fact that I had something more than the basics made me feel pampered. Whether staging a home for sale or a room for guests, setting out spa-like products appeals to the imagination… spaces to me are all about creating experiences.


#4: Outdoor Space

This room had a balcony where I could make a cup of coffee and get some fresh air. Sometimes just having the option to go outside is enough, even if you don’t choose to use it. Just like how you tend to be hungriest on a plane when you forget the snacks.


#5: Convenient Location

This hotel was close to a well lit, main street. However, it was tucked far enough off the main areas so that it was quiet at night. I made it to The Bean and back safe and sound on my own two feet. Uber is great, but sometimes the best part of travel is freedom.


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