Irish Gardens and Landscapes

There is no right way to garden. Although each style may appeal to someone different, there is no denying that gardens can transform ordinary spaces and structures into a paradise. Let’s see what lessons we can take away from the Irish any apply in our own backyards.

If I had to pick out the core concepts of the Irish landscape and gardens, it would be:

  • Structured and Wild
  • Hydrangeas
  • Mixing Tropical and Traditional Plants
  • Focal Points
  • Mixing Stone, Green and Water

Often times pathways are carved out by trimming hedges. Then surrounding the structured paths are bursts of color and masses of flowers, such as hydrangeas. The mix of the two create visual interest. Even the least assuming corners are full of interest.


It’s not uncommon to see a tropical plant mixed in with more traditional shrubs or ground cover. You can have a palm tree placed in the center of a patch of lavender or ivy.

Focal points are like invitations to explore and enjoy. A sign can create intrigue and lead you to a particular spot, like a structure at the end of a path.

Ideally, there are places built in to stay awhile. I would even say that placing a bench in the middle of nature may be more enticing than simply placing patio furniture directly behind a house. Something awakens inside of us to go out and explore.


The stone walls reminded me of the coast. Blue elements to mimic the ocean are breathtaking against the stone and greenery. Sometimes it’s almost easier to capture such beautiful sights behind the lens of a camera as it’s almost too much to take in.

In a world where it seems inherent to build bigger houses on smaller plots of land, foregoing the opportunity to cultivate a proper garden, I would encourage you to look through the images once more and ask yourself what you notice first. Are you more drawn to the structures themselves or the nature that surrounds them? You cannot do away with the buildings that we live in, but perhaps it’s all about how we frame them.

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