House Hacks: Hanging Out in Style

Seeking unique solutions for storage and functional living may not always be at the top of our to do list. However, everyone can name at least a few minor inconvenient features in their home. By redesigning the way we go about certain processes we can not only find things more easily but also reduce the amount of minor stresses in a day.

Problem: Wet Towels – Depending on ventilation and hook/rod type, some may not dry out in between showers. Aside from the unpleasant sensation, this can cause mold and odor.

Solution: Double Towel Rod – Towels can be hung on their own rods, which speeds up the drying process without having to install an electric towel warmer.

Purchase at: Home Improvement Stores or Amazon

Problem: Storing and Finding Scarves – This is one of many oddly shaped accessories that have no dedicated or common storage method.

Solution: Scarf Hanger – Rather than folding or shoving them in drawers only to be forgotten and tangled, pick up a uniquely shaped scarf hanger and sort away.

Purchase at: Specialty Gift Stores like Patina or Amazon

Problem: Personal and Guest Items (Coats, Umbrellas, Bags) – Whether hanging a coat and umbrella after the rain or rushing to take guest items, hall closets are not always the best destination.

Solution: Standing Coat Hanger – This allows wet items to dry as well as autonomy for guests coming over to place their things in a dedicated space rather than awkwardly finding a chair to drape them over.

Purchase at: Home Decor Stores (e.g., Pottery Barn)

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