Worn Treasures

Although not a fan of antiques in general, I have come to appreciate the texture and warmth that a well worn piece lends to a space. Texture, layering and pieces that hold meaning all make a home feel cozy and warm. The process can take awhile, but is well worth the finished product.

Nautical accents are always fun to hunt for as they are distressed by nature after being used for purpose. I have found oars, buoys and lobster traps online from personal sellers.

Lobster Trap

At the local antique store, located by one of the largest lakes in the state, I found an old tape measure. My guess is that numerous trophy fish were measured with it. At least that’s what I’d like to think.

Tape Measure

One of my more recent collectables is old books. There’s something about the look, smell, feel and even style of writing that almost feels foreign in a digital age. Books can go with any decor style and be much more interesting to have lying around than cliche coffee table books. Some of my favorites have come from Charing Cross Road in London and First Friday Antique Markets in Kansas City.

My most recent find was in non other than the back corner of Menards garden center. I found a treasure trove of old wine barrels that I decided would make ideal cocktail tables. We found one from a vineyard in Sonoma that we had driven by a year previous and are now on the hunt for a bottle of wine from there.

Will you venture outside catalogue shopping to see what you can find?

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