Lessons on the Road: Charlotte Edition

It was my first time in the south in 5 years, and I wasn’t disappointed! After a day of good food, productive meetings and networking, I was ready for a comfortable stay. Sometimes it’s the small luxuries that ease being away from home. I always try to take notice of these things and implement them in a guest bedroom.

Time after time, the view is always one of my favorite parts of a stay. In the morning, you can watch people as they carry out their daily commute. After work, you can watch the city light up. This trip yielded a nice contrast between an older brick building in the foreground contrasted with the skyscrapers behind it.


When coming back from a day of work in one of those skyscrapers, there are a few things that are not necessary but very appreciated. It’s ideal to have a place to relax and put your feet up when you can, or something to cover your feet with when walking around the hotel room. Even though I’m sure hotels do their best to keep things tidy, there is a greater level of comfort not walking around with bare feet.

When it’s time to turn in, there are two things I look for. The first is whether or not there is an old fashioned coverlet that should be tossed on the floor. I was very pleased to see crisp, clean white bedding that looks like it’s laundered after every guest.

White Bedding.jpg

The added bonus was having several pillows to stack. No matter how long I stay in european hotels, I just cannot seem to get comfortable with the long pillows that take up the whole bed.

Finally, as most of us do, I plug in my phone. Ideally, you don’t have to walk around looking for the outlet and ultimately having to choose light or charging if all the outlets are low and have lamps plugged in. This hotel had numerous open outlets right by the bed so that there was no tripping over anything the next morning trying to get to my alarm.


Until next time, stay classy Charlotte!

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