What to do with your Spare Room?

Whether it’s a room in your upper level, lower level, above the garage or in a detached building, many of us have extra space just waiting to be used. Don’t let conventional catalog designs limit how you use your space, and even when selling, use the opportunity to lend an idea to what can be done here.

Depending on the size of the space, you may pick just one function. Especially for minimalists, this is a great way to have an escape to think, work or just relax. For others, like me, you may have multiple uses for a room. I have the mentality that when you’re really living in a home, that home should cater to you and your interests.

One option is an office / library / study. This is a place to display your treasures and reminders that you live life outside of your house. The goal is to inspire to work while there, but then remember to pursue the next adventure.


It’s also a place where work can get done, whether sitting or standing.

Sit to Stand Desk.JPG


  • For sit to stand desks, hand-crank versions may take 30 seconds to operate but save you hundreds of dollars.
  • Additional savings can come from buying the frame only and then taking a trip to Menards to pick your own top, rather than conceding for a material, color or style that you don’t like.
  • When standing, invest in an anti-fatigue mat from a warehouse store like Costco.
  • When sitting, keep a footstool nearby to elevate your legs.
  • Mount a power strip to the back of the frame to keep cords organized.

The office can also have a cozy place to take long conference calls. During the weekends, it’s always nice to have a retreat to watch a program while other family members are using the common spaces. For any day of the week, the furrier family members may enjoy a place to nap.

Cozy Spot

However, chaise lounges and chairs aren’t the only place to take a conference call or watch tv. For those that wanting to combat a¬†sedentary life-style, a lightweight fold up bike can be wheeled out of the closet for that half hour meeting or program.

TIP: Models on Amazon sell for as little as one to two hundred dollars.

Next to my exercise equipment, I always keep an air mattress and clean sheets in the closet. Murphy beds are another way to provide that home away from home experience without taking up too much space during the week. That way when extra guests come to stay, there is a comfortable and versatile space for them to sleep, read, watch tv and even exercise.

What will you do to maximize your extra space?


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