Cleaning: 3 Spots we Love to Forget

If you’re like me, you may consider yourself a very tidy, organized person. However, there is a definite distinction between tidy and clean. Taking time to do a good clean doesn’t always affect what you see but more so how your home feels and sometimes even smells (pet owners, you know what I mean)! There are 5 tasks that are pretty easy to remember: vacuum, dust, wipe the windows, bathrooms and kitchen. Done! Or are you?

Where Dust Bunnies & Feathers Roam: Under Furniture

It doesn’t matter what room you look at, you may be shocked to see just how much is lurking beneath beds, dressers, shelves, couches and chairs. If you have furry loved ones sharing your space, add hairballs to the party. Here are my favorite ways to tackle the task on a weekly basis.

BEST: Roomba Vacuum Cleaner – short enough to reach where you can’t and runs without you. We found a great deal on a pet version at our local Costco.

ALTERNATIVES: Other vacuum cleaners or shop-vacs with extending  hoses can be used. For hardwood floors, Swiffer wands work like magic too.

Catch Those Dustbunnies.jpg

The Top of Anything

Typically we dust what we see – shelves, tables and dressers. When was the last time you took a swipe across the top of your print gallery, bed frame, bathroom mirror, banister, window sills, dining chairs (even the legs) and lamps? This one is pretty simple, it just takes attention to detail about once a month.

BEST: Damp dust cloth – holds onto dust even better than when dry!

ALTERNATIVES: Clean sock – a fun and resourceful way to get your kids involved with a sock on each hand! For apartment dwellers without in-unit washers, paper towels can be ideal as they don’t need to be laundered afterward.



When was the last time you washed your pillows? Not the cover, but the actual insert? If you were to put your pillow under the microscope you would find bacteria colonies, yeast and mold. Men’s pillows have been found to contain about twice the amount as women’s. The common recommendation centers on twos. Wash twice a year, keep for about two years, and test by folding in two to see if it springs back to shape.

NATURAL (FEATHER) & SYNTHETIC (FIBERFILL): Place 2 pillows at a time in the washing machine – warm water & gentle cycle; dry on low heat with a couple of tennis or racquet balls to re-distribute the fill evenly.

FOAM: Unfortunately foam can disintegrate in the washer and dryer, so just vacuum debris and wipe clean with soapy water.

Clean Your Pillows.jpg

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