Hidden in Plain Sight

As first time homebuyers, it seems like it will take a lifetime to buy all of the necessities (sofa, dining table, nice dishes…) as well as decor for the seasons and holidays. For empty nesters, retirees or those who were just compelled to become minimalists, it’s hard to believe how much stuff has found its way into the house. Regardless of which life stage you fall into, the question remains: How can storage be both functional and good-looking?

Let’s focus on three words: Accessible, Artful and Clean. If something is not accessible, chances are you will never use it. If not good-looking, you may want to hide it… and then it’s not longer accessible. When it comes to anything that you eat off of or bathe with, chances are you will want to prioritize cleanliness.

Solution? Seeded glass shelving. Hosting becomes a breeze when you know exactly what stock you have. Guests can feel comfortable helping you out since they can see where everything is… and even help themselves when it’s time to grab a mug for coffee. Good thing you don’t have to worry about dust or pet hair sitting at the bottom of that mug. Whether it’s your bath towels, dishes or miscellaneous decor that isn’t being used, seeded glass shelving allows easy access while creating pleasing vignettes to live by.

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